Christmas Moments.

Happy January! We had our first Christmas as a family of three and it was so much fun! Mabel took things very seriously, but she really did enjoy herself! She loved the little rocking lamb we got her (ok, its actually a bunny, but c’mon! It looks like a lamb with floppy ears, so we’re going with lamb.), even though it sings “You Are My Sunshine” in a semi-creepy tone! We just won’t press that button that often, even though Mabel likes it! We had our Christmas Eve service, then late dinner of tourtière at the in-laws house. Back home for some sleep, then Christmas morning we woke up to open a couple of Mabel’s first presents! The lamb from us, and some blocks from Gramma & Grandpoppa in Missouri (my parents). We stayed in our pjs, packed everything else into the car, and headed up the hill to the in-laws to open the rest of the presents and have brunch. It was a peaceful day filled with family, and it was amazing! Now I will bombard you with cute baby pictures. 🙂

This picture is from our family photo shoot on Christmas Eve morning- I cant get over how cute these two are. They have my heart!


I got to lead worship for our Christmas Eve service-so fun! img_4028img_4030

Christmas morning . . .


Clearly, she was over presents an needed a nap asap! hahafullsizeoutput_df5fullsizeoutput_df6fullsizeoutput_dfafullsizeoutput_dfcfullsizeoutput_dfeimg_4063

If you stayed until the end, bless you. And I hope your Christmas was great!


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