21 Day Sugar Detox: Week 2!

NO pictures of amazing donuts this time-I won’t taunt you again.

And as a warning, this week was fairly unorganized! I made  rough meal plan and didn’t stick with it as I should’ve, either schedule getting in the way or forgetfulness in thawing things or just plain laziness. Yes, I ddi stick within the guidelines for my meals, but they were more, erm, “haphazard” so to speak. But here is a rough outline of what I remember . . .

Spaghetti Squash, crumbled mild Italian sausage, loads of garlic in olive oil, and chopped spinach.

Chicken & sausage sautéed, roasted sweet potatoes

Pork chops, celeriac mash, spinach salad

Fried Caulirice with veggies and beef

Potato Nachos (potato rounds, taco seasoned beef, chopped spinach, and salsa)

And if I’m completely honest? I have no idea what else we ate! Haha-I know it was compliant, it’s just not coming to me right now.

I have loads of good intentions for being more organized this week! I’ve made out meal plan and it looks too delicious to forget about.

As far as how I’m feeling, the constant hunger has simmered down quite a bit! Though I am still making green apples & almond butter a regular thing. Man, I eat SO much more almond butter when I am doing one of these things! I just make my own by processing them int he food processor until it’s nice and creamy. I also add a heaping scoop of coconut oil to it to loosen it up a bit and add healthy fats where I can. It doesn’t really affect the taste, which is awesome!

Cheers to the last week of the detox! Here’s a ridiculously cute picture for you.




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