I’ll Be Your Mama Bear.


Normally, I’m not a jewelry fiend. I like a few things just because they are pretty, but in most cases I love when  piece has meaning behind it. I have a few things that were my great-grandma Nanny’s that are near and dear to my heart. There are a couple necklaces that I have gotten from my mom that always remind me of her when I wear them. Some have been thrifted, and I think of the memories from the trip when I bought them. But some I wear just because I really like them.

I got this necklace for free at the Refresh Market earlier this year, and it has quickly become one of my wardrobe staples.

(And if you’re wondering, yes I did take this photo while in my house robe, pre-make up, holding my morning coffee.)


It’s a fine rose gold chain with a small bear on it. The more I wear it, the more I identify with it. When I got it, Mabel was only a few weeks old, and I was still in my early mama crazy newborn haze, eeking by on little sleep and a lot of love. But as each day passes, I find myself entrenched deeper in this wonderful motherhood. And as she grows, I find there are so many choices I have to make on her behalf, from little things like what she eats and plays with to how we discipline her and the examples we set for her. She may be just a babe, but she takes in quite a lot! Which means that I want to fight for the best for her. I want her to have the best opportunities she can, and have the greatest adventures we can give her. I want her to laugh and play and feel that joy imprinted on her soul. I want her to know when we correct her, we are doing it with so much love it hurts our hearts. I want her to feel secure and loved and independent, knowing that she can go away and learn and explore, and we will always be here with open arms and an encouraging squeeze. I want her to grow in the intense love Our Father has for her!

I just want the best for her, in every way, and I’m willing to fight for it. I’m going to fight the selfishness that my flesh wants to fall into every day (several times a day!). I will fight that bad mood and snappy behaviour so I won’t snip at you for no reason. I will fight an over scheduled calendar that rushes you and doesn’t allow time to simply be. I will fight nay-sayers who say we should be doing things, parenting & life, a different way. I will fight  laziness so I can be disciplined with devotions & prayer, setting an example for you.

I’ll be your mama bear, Miss Mabel Jeanne, and fight for you with all I am. I just love you so.



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