21 Day Sugar Detox: Week 1!


No, these donuts are not allowed the sugar detox. Yes, I still want them. Twist donut from St. George’s . . . baugh! Why am I torturing myself?! Moving on . . .

I actually just wanted to give you a rundown of the sugar detox I am doing! I mentioned that I am doing a kind of combination of the 21 Day Sugar Detox and a Whole30, meshing the rules together to equal more grace for me. The Whole30 allows all fruit and dates, while the 21DSD only allows green apples and green tipped bananas, and the Whole30 doesn’t permit snacking or recreating treats, while the 21DSD has recipes for non-sweet treats in the cookbook. So I do both. 🙂

I have been asked by a few people for some meal inspiration and tips, and I would love to share! If this is boring and you have no interest in this, keep staring at the picture of donuts.

For breakfast, I usually always do the same thing, and that doesn’t get boring to me! 2-3 fried eggs in coconut oil, 2 strips of bacon or 2 sausage links, grated sweet potato hash browns, and sometimes 1/2 a green apple (sometimes I save that for a mid-morning snack with almond butter).

For lunch, I usually eat two meals (oh breastfeeding . . . !).  We usually have leftovers of some sort from the evening before, so I will reheat those, and sometimes add an egg on top. This week, I made a spicy cabbage soup at the beginning of the week, and stuck it in the fridge to have for lunches. It’s so yummy and comforting! The recipe is from Oh She Glows Everyday cookbook; I just didn’t add lentils, added more cabbage, and sometimes have a sausage on the side. 🙂

For second lunch/snack, I have almond butter and an apple, a smoothie (with more veg than fruit),  avocado, hard-boiled eggs with mustard, or sweet potato toasts. What are sweet potato toasts? I cut a sweet potato into slices, place in toaster, and voila! Toast. 🙂 It tastes 3-4 times through the toaster to bake, but its a nice vehicle for a bit of butter or nut butter or avocado. Seeing as I’m a toast fiend, have a baby and need quick, one-handed snacks, this is great!

Also, I had a small treat after I had nursed Mabel to sleep eat night. I grabbed a handful of frozen for cherries or frozen blueberries, and poured a bit of coconut milk over the top. It’s refreshing, and so much better than a bowl of cereal to end the day! 🙂


Dinner: Beef Stew. I was so hungry and ate two huge bowls! I also altered this recipe quite a bit, playing with the seasonings, searing the beef beforehand, etc. I liked the finale result!


Dinner: Chicken Strips, Roasted Spiralized Potatoes, & Spinach Almond Salad. I used a chicken strip recipe from the 21DSD cookbook, which turned out to be pretty great! Just a batter that included almond meal for some texture. And you guys, spiralled potatoes, tossed with olive oil, sea salt, and paprika are my J A M. They are so good! Like roasted curly fries. Ya, amazing.


Dinner: Pork Chops, Roasted Cauliflower, Peas, & Carrots. Easy peasy.


Dinner: Fennel & Sage Spaghetti & Meatballs (21 DSD cookbook). Matt had normal spaghetti noodles while I had 1 1/2 zucchinis worth of zoodles.


Dinner: Roasted Italian Sausage, Roasted Cabbage Wedges, & Roasted Sweet Potatoes. Very easy! Place all on cookie sheet, and roast at 425 until delicious.


Dinner: Leftover Beef Stew. 🙂


Dinner: Pork Chops, Sauteed Green Apples with Cinnamon & a Date, Sauteed Swiss Chard w/ apple cider vinegar, & Roasted Fingerling Potatoes. Um y’all, this was SO GOOD! Really really. Those apples may be my new go to jam when I need a cozy feeling.

And there you have it! For the first several days, I was constantly hungry. But I think after a week, my hunger cues have regulated a bit, and I am more intentional about getting enough calories throughout the day. Thanks for listening! I hope this encourages you to do a reset, because we will all probably need one before the holidays. 🙂


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