Life Lately . . .{22-27 Oct, 2016}

I thought it was about time for another life update post. The seasons are changing drastically and dramatically, and I don’t want to forget.

Also I started this post on the 22nd, but didn’t finish until the 27th. Oh life . . . 🙂

DOING: writing out this post while Mabel naps in the ergo. Since coming back from our vacations (which were simply amazing!!!) we are trying to find some sort of routine that allows me to lay Mabel down for her afternoon long nap. Currently this requires me to lie beside her so she can roll over and sleepily nurse back to sleep when she gets restless, but that is happening less. Im going to try to eventually slip away and see if I can get away with leaving her in the bed to finish her nap-fingers crossed!

HEARING: the white noise app (actually its white noise played through youtube). Mabel loves it as one of her nap time cues, and it helps her stay asleep when there are other small, odd noises around (loud cars that drive by, the clicking of my typing fingers, etc).

DRINKING: pineapple water kefir, my fave. And lately with these chillier, dark mornings, more coffee. Still decaf, but just as comforting.

EATING + COOKING: today is our book club/cooking club day, and it’s Greek themed this month! I spent the afternoon making Briam (a baked veggie dish) and baklava (um, I ate a piece already-it’s delicious!). This morning was one of those mornings Mabel woke up early after waking almost every hour and a half, which is less ideal for this mama! I decided to try to make the best of it, got up, and made vegan buckwheat waffles (with a cheap waffle iron I snagged from our local buy and sell site). The first couple stuck to the pan and had me scrapping bits out with a butter knife, but I eventually got the hang of it and we had them with some reduced blueberries, plain yogurt, and maple syrup.

WANTING: a massage, a trip to Maui, a movie night . . . see a trend here?! Haha-I am needing some time to R E L A X.

PLAYING: Christmas music. No haters please! It’s helping me cope with the transition day from sun and summer. I love having something to look forward to, and I am so excited to be in our own home for Christmas season! I will probably put up way too many twinkle lights way too early, and I will be watching “Elf” soon, while curling up and crocheting or knitting. I’m not even sorry about it. 🙂

DECIDING: whether we should purchase a van now or next year. We are weighing the pros and cons and if we should save a bit more (we will be buying it cash outright) or wait for a crazy smoking deal or . . . ??? We aren’t sure. On a smaller scale, I am deciding what to make for our church small group gathering tomorrow night. We just started a group in our home, and it’s quite small, but I like it! Everyone brings something for dinner and we eat potluck style. Seeing as it’s at my house, I want to be sure we have enough for everyone! So I am trying to make something a little bit more hearty that sticks to your bones, just in case everyone else shows up with a bag of chips. 🙂

 being home. I adore traveling, and I had such a fun time visiting family and seeing my hometown! But now, I want to settle into the crevices of our house even more. I still have part of a bag that is begging to be unpacked . . . 

LOOKING: towards the snow-capped mountains. They are slowly accumulating more snow as the autumn progresses, and even though it brings much shorter days, it gives me a cozy feeling.

LOVING: a new chunky sweater I bought on Sunday. It is supremely cozy, and I may be wearing it until June! I bought it at our consignment shop in town for under $20, which you really can’t beat. :

BUYING: soon we will be buying an iPad, which I am excited about! When we bought our computer (Matt & mine both crashed around the same time, so we bought one for the both of us), we knew that it would be used for Matt’s work down the line. Now that we are rapidly approaching that time, he will be taking it to work, so I will need something to work on from home. An iPad with a keyboard will suffice! And it will be gorgeous and gold . . .//swoon//

PLANNING: our Christmases, this year and next. This year my youngest brother and his wife will be joining us (Matt & myself, plus my other brother and his wife) in the PNW for Christmas and New Years and we are so excited! We will be splitting their time between Bellingham and Squamish, so we are planning all the details of that. We also have to think about next Christmas already, because we have some flight vouchers that expire soon and we need to book our flights for net year quickly!

WATCHING: Matt and I are watching “This is Us,” which is wonderful and partially heartbreaking and honest. We love it. We are also watching “New Girl,” which is just hilarious! “The Office” will always be on repeat around here. We also started watching a new show called “Glitch” on Netflix; we are only half and episode in (Mabel started crying and needed tending to), but I like it so far!

SAVOURING: Leftover butternut squash, chicken, and kale soup from last week. It’s my mom’s recipe, and it’s so simple and delicious! It’s my lunch, alongside some hummus I made last week and a few chips.

WEARING: Comfy soft denim joggers from target, a grey tank top, and a baby in an ergo. 😉

READING: So many books right now! I am reading “The Hypnotist’s Love Story” by Liane Moriarty on my own, “Present Over Perfect” by Shauna Niequist with my book club, “Free Range Kids” by Lenore Skenazy , and thumbing through “Oh She Glows Everyday” by Angela Liddon. 

CRAVING: Warmth and adventure, but I really don’t want the hassle of it. Does that make sense? Does that make me lazy? I think I am enjoying reminiscing about our trips lately, including all the adventures  (& food!) Matt and I had as we traipsed across Europe, but I know that isn’t in the cards for us coming up. We are entering a season where we need to be home, grinding out our everyday lives as Matt finishes school and prepares for a career change, and Mabel and I tackle Squamish in all its glory. On the same note of wanting adventure, I do not want to deal with the constant change and uncertainty that can surround it. The unfamiliar sleeping spaces, figuring out where everything is in the grocery store, not having the conveniences of home, not to mention getting a baby accustomed to something completely different. While I am craving adventure, I am also content to rest and be at peace in our home.

FEELING: tired & thankful. I have ben down and feeling overwhelmed lately, just with the little things that seem to add up and make me feel like I can’t ever catch up. In the midst of it all though, I can see how blessed we are to have this sweet season in life.


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