Difficult & F U N.

Sometimes I feel like we live in a world of opposites, opinions and choices that can polarize you and keep you playing for one team or the other. Salty vs sweet. Clinton vs Trump (don’t get me started on that one . . . ). Coffee vs tea. If we lean towards one thing, we are leaning away from the other. But sometimes, and motherhood has brought this about more profoundly, you can be pushing forward into two things equally.

I am referring to the constant argument and fact that motherhood is H A R D. It is difficult and stretching and tiring and emotionally draining and constant! I am not here to negate any of that, but I will also stand firm on the fact that it is F U N. Yes, fun. There is an incredible amount of joy that I feel when I get to play with this little person, watching her grow and learn and accept a challenge. Her laugh is the sweetest noise I’ve ever heard, and waking up in the middle of the night to fed her is like a pow-wow for just us ladies. She gives really tight hugs and really wet kisses, and she loves to snuggle, just like her mama and dad.

More people should talk about how fun parenting is! It’s a give in that it is hard, but aren’t all things that are worth it difficult at points? Through the difficult moments, you are earning a deeper joy.  It’s a thick, molasses-y joy that sticks around, not a flighty sugar rush.

So, fellow mamas, I know it can be rough, but give yourself sweet reminders of how much fun it is, but its so worth it, am I right? 🙂



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