Reset Button.

I sat down to type out my struggles his morning. I was 115 words in, when I realized that I don’t want to dwell on these things, and I don’t want them to define my day. Maybe it was a rough night sleep. Maybe the kitchen was a wreck this morning from dinner the night before. Maybe there were choice words spoken between  the hubs and I before we parted ways for the day. Maybe I got to the coffeeshop and dropped my breakfast upside down onto the floor. Maybe it’s crazy rainy and cold outside. All these maybes are true, and it’s all happened before 11am.

Can I please push the reset button?

Mabel is asleep in the ergo, I’m sitting at a coffeeshop with a  decaf americano and the remainder of my breakfast that I managed to salvage from the floor. She gets to push the reset button with a nap, so I’m going to reset mine as well. I can’t let a Saturday go to waste just because I choose to let my emotions take over.

So this is me, resetting. We will go home, unpack/purge baby clothing, burn a pumpkin candle, and drink tea all afternoon. We will probably watch Harry Potter in the background, or at least listen to the soundtrack. We will go back to the house we are house sitting and make dinner, a cozy vegetable soup. We will take an early bath with extra splashes. We will jump into our comfy clothes and spend the evening enjoying each other.

I hope your day has started well, and if it didn’t, I hope you have the opportunity to push the reset button.

Happy Saturday, y’all.


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