Brave Baby. 

Rise and fall, rise and fall. The sweet, shallow breathes of a deep sleeping babe cuddled on my chest, resting and regaining strength for her next bout of cousin play. She has braved airports and two plane rides, a two hour time difference, and met a mess of new people last night. Today, she has embraced the flow of life in Missouri, riding in a new car seat, enjoying all the pretty things at Target (like mother like daughter 😍), and not batting an eyelash at the warmth and humidity. Currently in her last nap of the day, she is a trooper through and through.

I am currently upstairs in a darker, quieter room, sitting and thumb-typing on my phone, leaving the rest of the family downstairs for a bit. Even though I can’t set her down for naps and she only naps in the ergo, I’m secretly ok with the “inconvenience.” It means that I am guaranteed to snuggle her throughout the day, and it means she finds me a safe place to be vulnerable, rest, and be. She trusts me to keep her safe, and she can let down any guard she has. I can’t get over the fact that she enjoys me being her mama, and that she loves me. What?! This little human is still mastering sitting up straight without toppling, and you can already see the love and trust in her eyes in the way she laughs, and in the way she looks for me in an unfamiliar space, looking to me to keep her safe. As adults we have the hardest time loving & trusting, and to her to comes to her so naturally.

Mabel Jeanne, I love you and the ways you continue to teach me. It’s an honour to be your mama.


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