Salt Spring Island, aka, My Happy Place.

We just returned last night from Salt Spring Island, sleepy and suntanned. It is by far one of my favourite places! We get to stay with our aunt and uncle in their amazing home on 10 acres (that used to be run as a hostel). When we arrive, I automatically feel more at home, grounded, and at peace.  We arrived on Friday night late and stayed though Wednesday morning. While we were there, we were able to visit with our grandma, go to the incredible farmer’s and artisan’s markets, visit the goat cheese farm, go boating to Chocolate Beach, and simply hang out with each other. We all love travel and have similar interests, so we never run out of things to talk about.

I didn’t take a picture of their house this time (it was dappled in sunshine this trip!), but this picture is from a couple years ago in January (hence the morning frost).




Sunset in Vesuvius Beach.


This was Mabel’s first ferry ride! It’s safe to say she loved it. She went crazy for the wind and water! And Matt just had to show her his favourite place on the ferry (the arcade). 🙂


Boating & Chocolate Beach also proved to be a favourite.


The water looks so perfect, but be warned . . . it’s ice cold.


I can’t get over how much this girl loves her dad . . . //heart eyes for days//


Amazing,long day, lots of sun, new freckles.


We explored the forest on their property a bit; this is one of the treehouse they built for the hosteling days. 🙂


The next day, we visited Stowel Lake Farm, which was so breathtaking! Their ground are so extensive, and I was so envious of their greenhouses! Seriously, I’m saving my pennies to build some of those for us. 🙂


This farm stand was so beautiful! I love the trust in the goodness of people, simply leaving produce out, and trusting people to leave the right amount of money and take the right amount of change. Such a great way to inspire community.


Brown butter & salted caramel ice cream for the absolute win.


There are brightly painted pianos all over town, inviting people to show off and fill the air with sweet music.


Croissants at Barb’s Buns before we headed to the ferry home. We hadn’t been here since we were dating . . . we were such kidlets!



Mabel was such a trooper the whole trip, letting us cart her wherever, sleeping in the ergo along the way (and she started sleeping in the car a bit! Big milestone!), and she had such a good attitude about it. She was so sleepy this morning though; she slept in to 9:45am, and only woke up to eat around 12:30am (we were still awake so she didn’t wake us), and once more around 4am. Mabel Jeanne, you get a gold star.


So those are a few moments of our trip. Maybe someday we will end up there; we’ll see what the future holds. 🙂 Have an epic Thursday!


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