Sometimes life is weird.

First of all let me say that I consider myself an extrovert. I am an ENFP Meyers-Briggs, and for the most part, I like people. However, ENFP’s are the type that consistently asks wonders and asks themselves if they are indeed extroverts, because we also love, need, and crave our alone time. We absorb A LOT  when we are out in the world, and we need to hide to process everything we have just soaked up. I could continue to nerd out about Meyers-Briggs, but I won’t. { If you want to know more about Meyers-Briggs, and want to discover what type you are, I have found 16 Personalities to be a helpful website. It’s not a rule, it’s not a box to put yourself in, it’s a tool to help understand your brain, motivations,  and helps you understand others as well, so you can have grace with yourself and others as you stumble through life.}

That being said, sometimes when I abruptly decide I need alone time can be awkward.

Monday I had about 10 mums and their babies over for a brunch hang out. It was a lot of fun, relaxed, and we just chatted about normal mum things, like the woes of how fast our babes are growing out of their clothes, the joys of them learning new things, and the reality that most nursing gear is decidedly UN-sexy. It was fun, and after it was over, I was happy, energetic, and my people tank was full.


Then yesterday I went hiking with a few other local mums who I didn’t know, but we are all part of the same social media hiking group. We try to organize different weekly hikes to get to know each other and enjoy  the mountains around us. I hiked for a couple hours, chatting with each of them and getting to know them. It wasn’t awkward, and was a lot of fun! However, at the end of the hike, they had decided to pop over to the lake for a few minutes before they headed home, and a rush of shyness came over me. I suddenly got quiet, made up an excuse of why I had to leave, and rushed over to my car to load in Mabel and go home.

Um, what? !

As soon as I started driving, I was weirded out at myself. Why in the world did I feel the need to get the heck outta dodge so fast? Why did the nervousness and shyness get to me? I was laughing at myself, and immediately sent a message to my sister explaining the awkward hilarity of it all.

As I thought about it, I realized my extrovert tank must’ve been brimming, and I suddenly needed alone time. I was peopled out, and had run out of things to say.

There is no big, philosophical epiphany that comes with this awkward encounter, just stating the fact that life can be weird, and we can all be weird in the midst of it.

Matt and I ended the day with a walk downtown and stopped at a pub after to get a drink and yam fries. We celebrated the last day of sunshine by sitting on the patio and people watching. Impromptu dates are the best.


Here’s a few more moments from the week . . .

Pear picking with the babe.


Drying off & playing after a swim.


Gumming a pickle to death. 🙂


Being adorable with her dad.


Happy Wednesday!


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