Five Months!

Mabel is five months today! As I wrote that out, I almost wrote she was turning five today, and my mama heart almost start beating out of my chest because she is already growing up so fast and to think of her at five years old is CRAZY! But five months old is a little more manageable to think about. 🙂

I gave her this wooden spoon to chew on in hopes that she would want to stir things soon, and help me in the kitchen ASAP. I can’t wait to teach her all sorts of things! I am already trying to teach her about the way different foods smell. When we pick up our CSA box, I always hold different veggies and herbs up to her face and tell her what they are, why they smell the way they do, and how we should prepare them. She may not understand yet, but I am hoping that all this information is being stored away for the future. 🙂

This month, Mabel loves to . . .

grab her toes and chew on them

play in her exersaucer for a limited amount of time

chat and sing to herself

have swims in the baby pool out front, blowing bubbles and dunking her face

snuggle Matt when he comes home from work

nap in the ergo

sit up (with assistance)

roll over (sometimes by herself, sometimes with assistance)

play peek-a-boo

put ALL THE THINGS in her mouth

wake up in the morning and singing

go for walks and hikes-anything outside! Just like her mama . . . 🙂

practice standing up and dancing

eye us suspiciously when we are eating and not sharing with her (she is going to be SO ready for solid food next month!)

She has a tooth that is peeking through the bottom right, and sometimes gives her a hard time (love having teething tablets on hand for those moments!). She weighs about 16lb4oz, and is growing everyday. Mabel, you are so precious and so much fun!



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