Summer . . . productivity?


Summer has finally decided to show up! Yes, I am aware that is i the first day of August and I’m finally boasting a summer and starting on my tan. Whatever, I don’t want to talk about how decidedly un-summer June and July have been. It’s not cool, but it’s finally here, so I don’t want to scare it off by chatting about its tardiness.

A few days ago, in the midst of my summer sunshine bliss I was taking Mabel for our daily 5 mile walk down by the river (I was wearing a bathing suit top because, as I said before, I needed to get my tan on!), and I was listening to a podcast being being a lady boss. I may not be a lady boss, but I aspire to one day, and I find podcasts like that motivational and inspiring. They were chatting about how to stay motivated in the winter, and how because the days are shorter, it’s totally ok to not be as productive. They said it’s totally ok to let your body do it’s thing and honour the shorter day by sleeping more, etc. I an understand that to some extent, but I almost feel like the opposite is true for me.

Can I be honest about something? Adulting in the summer is hard. I mean, there are some things you have to do in life (pay bills, buy groceries to feed people, etc), but there are some responsibilities that are questionable in the summer. Laundry? Eh, when the pile is overtake our couch because I can’t be bothered to fold. Big dinners? Depending how long I have to stand in front of a hot stove, but most likely not. Cleaning the house? Well, does it really, really need it? Then maybe. I feel like a school girl during the summer. Summer break is my jam! During the autumn, winter, and spring, I have paid my dues, bucked up and dealt with the weather, cleaned up, got projects done (because it gets dark at 4pm and what else are you going to do?), and was a proper citizen on society during that time. But summer? Pssh. I wake up giddy because the sun is already up, put on a swimsuit, make coffee, and head outside to read in whatever ray of sunshine I can find. I work out outside, whether it be  along walk, hike, run, or even drag my laptop outside for some HIIT training on the lawn. I find a spot on my lawn or on the river beach, and continue to dive into whatever book I am currently devouring. Meals usually consist of some sort of slow cooked meat that I started while I made my coffee, or some sort of rough chopped veg on rice with chickpeas, or tacos/nachos of some form. These days with a baby of course things look a bit different, but it is somewhat still the same. Projects that I started on rainy days will wait until the next rain, and the reorganizing of drawers/closets/whatever will be tended to later. For now, I will be on my version of summer vacation, and be so dang happy about it.


Happy summer, y’all; here’s to you! May this post find you sitting in the sun with wine in hand. xx


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