Just a day.

These days all look different and the same. There are bursts of productivity, with frequent stops to bounce Mabel, nurse her, or change her. There are times when I abandon all responsibility and we play together, singing, reading, dancing, or going for a walk. There are moments of frustration, with her or on her behalf. There is a feeling of failure at some point in the day. There is a frustration with myself for not being more. There is a wave of joy and thankfulness that hits suddenly and sweetly. All of these things have different reasons and look a bit different everyday, but I have these moments through the day.

Today for lunch I shirked some responsibility (hello dirty dishes pile, unswept floor, and countlessly refluffed laundry!), and during lunch I dragged a blanket out to the lawn to enjoy the 10 minutes of sunshine.

(Yes, 10 minutes of sunshine. It’s July, cloudy, in the 60s, and I’m not sure what’s going on with the weather! I keep telling Matt we should move back to Maui . . . 🙂 )

During those few minutes of sun, I attempted to snap a few shots of Mabel, which turned out to be more difficult that I thought! Not laying on her back so she wouldn’t get sun in her eyes, but she can’t really sit up on her own yet. But I figured I would share anyway, because I really don’t want to forget just how wonderful these days are!


This one you can see how her hair has that old man thing going on, with the tuft on top and the side. I love it!


And this one is from her sleeping in a few days ago. I just can’t deal with how great she is.



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