It’s A Friday.

It’s hard to keep track of what day of the week it is. Unless it’s Sunday and we’re going to church, or we have another major event on the calendar, the days all look very similar in this household.

Wake up a few times throughout the night to feed my adorable daughter.

7am-8:30am: Cuddles & smiles.

8:30/9am: eating & burping. Diaper change & getting into clothes for the day. At this point usually the fusses start to happen, at which point I rush to get myself into real-person clothing so I can strap Mabel into the Ergo carrier so she can sleep. I bounce her in the carrier while I heat up water for coffee and attempt to make some breakfast, usually toast and fruit or reheated power oatmeal (recipe at the end of post). If she isn’t asleep yet, I continue to bounce while putting on make up and doing my hair (I’ve come a master at bouncing and putting on mascara!).

All of this usually takes about 45 minutes-1 hour (or more), so . . .

10/10:30am: Sit and eat breakfast, or eat while I continue to bounce or sway. Attempt a quiet time or devotional (currently reading through Shauna Niequist’s “Savor” and loving it! So encouraging!).

The rest of the morning until she wakes is filled with laundry, picking up the house, any dinner prep that needs to be done, basically anything productive that can be done while wearing a new born on your front and being SO quiet so she doesn’t wake! Seeing as we are still unpacking (hey, don’t judge! I’ve been busy pushing out a little person and keeping her alive, so making sure my books were unpacked and organized weren’t on the top of the agenda), I spend my days surrounded by ones full of either books, wall decor, under-sink bathroom things, summer clothes, etc. When we found out we were moving in the middle of November, I went ahead and packed a bag that would be used for our trip to Springfield as well as maternity clothes that would get me through the rest of winter. And seeing as it’s spring now and I’m no longer pregnant, I have been aching to get these boxes unpacked and slip into my normal, pretty clothes (hello summer dresses!). I also would love to finish nesting, because the usually nesting season during pregnancy was taken up by living in my in-laws spare room while we bought, gutted, and renovated our new house, and let me tell you, pulling staples out of floors for hours and sanding my brains out doesn’t equate to setting up a pretty nursery. Le sigh. Forgive this massive rabbit trail . . .

12/1pm: Mabel wakes up, nurses, burps, and a bit of mat or tummy time (and when I say a bit of time, I mean a little bit!) while I quickly make avocado toast or a smoothie or a piece of cold pizza/any leftover food we have. When she’s had it with her mat, we have a bit of time when I can rock her, and she constantly pushes up on my chest, eager to look around and see the world. We chat, laugh, tell stories, sing songs, and most likely burp up more.

1:30/3pm: By this time she is tired again and starting to fuss, so I quickly put on workout clothes and strap her back into the Ergo. After a couple minutes of bouncing, she is asleep and ready for our walk. I have found a 5k walk along the river, so we get outside, all while listening to a podcast (lately it’s been “Sorta Awesome,” Paul Tripp sermons, or “Personality Hacker”) and enjoying the fresh, mountain air.

4pm: Home, and usually Lil Miss is ready to eat again. And so we eat, burp, hang out, burp, eat, burp, hang out, eat, etc. During these cluster feeding moments, I realize how much I need more water and food immediately. So I fill up my water bottle and scrounge for anything edible (usually a frozen lactation cookie or two).

The rest of the evening varies on Mabel and her mood. It usually consists of eating again, getting over tired, a bath for her (sometimes . . . ), eating more, we fit dinner in there somewhere, and when she’s gone down for her first long bit of the night (usually around 9/10pm, I get a quick shower while Matt snuggles her. Around 11pm, we fall into bed.

This is our lovely life right now, and I couldn’t ask for more.



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